For those unfamiliar with the term, shatter is a form of cannabis extract. It comes in a solid form that’s translucent in appearance and solid to the touch, but tends to “shatter” into pieces if you were to drop it or break it in half. It’s highly concentrated with THC and CBD, making it an impactful and potent form of cannabis. It’s also known as hash oil.

The main things to know about shatter include its:

  • Make: Shatter is made out of an extract that is a butane solvent, highly potent.
  • Texture: Rather than possessing a spongy or oily texture, shatter is solid and smooth.
  • Potency: Like other cannabis extracts, Buy Shatter In Burnaby is highly potent.

All of these define shatter as a unique extract in the cannabis world.

Read on to learn more about shatter and the various pens you can utilize to smoke it. Three particular pens stand out as choices we think will make your experience a little easier.

Benefits of Shatter


Many benefits come with utilizing shatter over other forms of cannabis and cannabis extract. There are many reasons why shatter is an excellent option for beginners and experts alike.

Some of the benefits that come with shatter include its:

  • High potency: Shatter is an extremely potent variety of cannabis extract. Those who vape wax can enjoy a significant reaction.
  • Fast-acting: Shatter acts fast. You won’t have to wait long for the desired effect to take place.
  • Shelf-stability: Shatter is shelf-stable, so you can store it for longer than other cannabis extract varieties.

If you’re looking at investing in shatter for potency, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will you experience a strong high, but you’ll feel it faster than other varieties. Shatter is a quality substance that, if used correctly, will satisfy smokers of any experience level.

Defining Traits of Shatter


Many traits define shatter and permit it to stand out from other types of cannabis extract. If you’re trying to determine if an item is shatter, we’ve listed some traits you can look for.

Some of the defining traits that define the look and feel of shatter include:

  • Texture: Shatter is solid, different from most other cannabis extracts. It resembles hard candy when touched.
  • Color: The color is close to that of honey or maple syrup. It’s yellowish/brownish in tone.
  • Breakability: Shatter should shatter, just like glass or a piece of hard sugar. You should be able to break it into little bits for vaping purposes.

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