The Key Science Behind High Quality CBD Products

If you seek high-quality CBD products for their medicinal and therapeutic qualities, how do you know these products when you see them? The market is literally flooded with CBD Paste for anxiety product options. Sifting through the marketing fluff of each brand can feel mind-numbing. But at Farm Life Hemp, we know how to differentiate high-quality CBD from the rest. It all comes down to a complex but important process called spagyric extraction.

What is spagyric extraction?

Just about anyone can pop up a shop and start selling CBD oils and tinctures these days. But buyer beware. What you purchase may provide little benefit if you want to use CBD for treatment of pain, anxiety or other conditions. The benefits you receive from the product actually come down to how the hemp is processed. To receive the quality effects you want, you need high quality CBD products.

Spagyric extraction is a multi-step process used to make high quality CBD products, not those you find at most CBD retailers. For this higher level of efficacy from your CBD, you need to purchase from producers who understand this ancient science and the role it plays in how your CBD benefits you.

Spagyric extraction involves first burning expended hemp biomass down to ash. This makes it easier to extract the plant’s mineral salts to add them back into raw extract. As a result of adding the salts back into the extract, you receive greater therapeutic value from your CBD products.

High Quality CBD Products by Farm Life Hemp

All of us at Farm Life Hemp understand your need for high quality CBD products. This is why we only produce whole plant full spectrum CBD oils. These oils provide real benefits because they contain the key compounds for which hemp is revered: Cannabinoids, terpenes, aldehydes, ketones, esters and more. All of our products are also tested for potentcy by a third-party lab. Find Farm Life Hemp products at retailers.

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