CBD Oil Buying Guide - What you Need to Know

Welcome to our Buy Cannabidiol Guide! This comprehensive document will explain everything you need to know about purchasing your first CBD product.



Typically, if you want to buy Cannabidiol (CBD) products you have to dig pretty deep to find accurate information. That’s because while CBD is becoming more popular, the information is typically scattered all across the web.

At TakeBackControlCBD, we strongly believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. Our goal here is to empower you to make the best decisions possible when it comes to CBD supplements and feel 100% comfortable with your choices.

 Buying Criteria - CBD Volume VS Concentration

 CBD products come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Understanding how to compare similar products and distinguish seemingly identical products is your first step toward making an informed decision when it comes to CBD.


Some companies may try to entice you by offering a large quantity with low concentration,  for example - offering a 10gram syringe at only 10% concentration - this is only a total of 1000MG of CBD ,  what’s important,  is to identify the % of CBD, take the total grams or ml's (interchangeable) and do your calculations

 10Grams is equivalent to 10,000 MILLIGRAMS, now multiply that by the percentage, in our example it was 10%, 10,000 x 10% is 1000MG of total MG's of CBD.  Some Companies may not include the percentage, it’s important to identify those red flags.

Our 3Gram Syringe of 68% has a total quantity of 2050MG of CBD, at $99, this is one of the lowest price per MG available and that’s not a mistake, TakeBackControlCBD was founded to make these products affordable for all. 

 Now, for practice - let’s calculate.  3Grams is equivalent to 3000MG x 68% which brings us to a total CBD content of 2050MG.  Now - we must calculate the price per MG , take the total price $99 and divide by the total number of MG,  in this case - $99 divided by 2050MG = 0.048 which equates to roughly 48 cents per MG.  

Use this calculation to shop,  in time, you will find that not many companies are offering much CBD at all.  Educate yourself, call us directly if you are unclear about anything discussed here.